Belly Pictures (29 Weeks & 30 Weeks)

Here are the Belly Pictures I promised you days ago. The first set his from 29 Weeks or just about 😉
I hate how it looks like I have two belly buttons holes…Oh well though, life goes on!

30 Weeks!!!

Okay so there they are, I’m not sure if you can really see a difference from week to week. I probably should have worn the same thing EVERY week, kinda like they do at weight watchers! But either way you can def see a difference from the very beginning to right now!
My little Man has currently got the hiccups, which feels soo funny! I think it’s so cute though…Who would have though the hiccups could be cute!

<3 Me

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  1. Beth P. says

    You look wonderful! Can you believe only 10 weeks to go? It's amazing to feel all that movement and hiccups and kicks. Yay!

  2. Just Add Walter says

    ok I am dumb because I have no children… but WHY does it look like you have two belly buttons?

    and you are sooooooo adorable! loving the baby bump pictures!!

  3. Erica says

    lol ur belly ring hole is so funny it does look like u have two belly buttons…so cute 🙂 love the pic updates heehee

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