Baby Shower on the Brain

So I can’t wait for my Baby Shower. I don’t know when it is. Nor do I want to know! I want it to be a surprise so badly. We’ll see how that works out though considering where I live. But with not wanting to know comes not being able to plan and control what occurs. I HATE that. I like to be in control. I know shocker right?

Here are some SUPER cute cakes I found online….


For the ones that are pink and girly just imagine more blues, greens and browns! Aren’t they all just adorable?!

And while all these cakes are gorgeous NO PRESSURE I PROMISE because I would also love a classic cake from Carvel!

See I am easy!

I think my favorite is the Carvel Cake (seriously how could you EVER beat an ice cream cake?) and the Brown and Blue one with the shoes on top! So what cake did you like best? Or do you have another suggestion for the cake?

Answer to the Age Old Question...
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  1. Beth P. says

    Those are all adorable! I am not a huge cake eater, but I LOVE looking at well decorated cakes. The blue and brown one is adorable!

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