Award Time

I received this Sugar Doll Award from Annie @ Santiago Twin Girls
This award comes with some pretty EASY rules, which I love. I just have to list 10 interesting facts about myself.  Now I can’t promise how interesting they’ll be but here it goes…
1. I’m always talking about my siblings right? Well just to claify, I’m the oldest of 7. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. There is a 21 year age difference between me and the youngest and YES we all have the same parents.
2. I was technically pregnant at my college graduation (9 Days), I just didn’t know it. My Aunt who came down for my graduation jokingly asked me the day before I graduated if I was pregnant I was like NO!
3. I was always going to name my first son James, now that I’m having my first son I have NO IDEA what I’m going to name him!
4. I love to travel, I just don’t really have the means at this time. I went to Rome a couple of years ago with my Dad and loved it! I even thought about going to Grad School in Florence.

5. When I was 3 months old my Mom and I joined my Dad, who was in the army at the time in Germany. I lived there until I was 3 and because I lived there before the Berlin Wall fell I can’t donate blood to certain organizations.

6. I’m more scared about the whole LABOR part of having Bean than the actual TAKING CARE of Bean

7. I didn’t really want to have children, and if you ever lived in my household you would know why, but now that I’m having one. I want 4, 2 girls and 2 boys. And if I had to have 3 of 1 sex it would be girls, yes they’re harder (in my opinion at least) BUT as my Mother always says “A daughter’s a daughter for the rest of her a life, a son’s a son until he takes him a wife” 
8. I’m semi organized in the sense that I have EVERYTHING I have to do listed in multiple spots, my planner that I carry on me at ALL times, wall calender, Outlook, my journal etc.

9. I was a Cheerleader in High School and SOMETIMES I wish I still was.
10. What TV show do you watch? I can almost guarantee I watch it too or at least know the basics. I don’t know how I live without one in VA! Next major goal in life: Get a DVR in VA!
So who do I pass this award over too?

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