100th Post and Week 31 Baby Belly Pictures

I can’t believe I’m already at my 100th post! That’s absolutely crazy to me! It hasn’t even been that long which may mean that I post way to often? Oh well. Not a surprise to me that I have a lot to say, I’ve always been like that.

I’m still in shock about the girls not going to Disney and today we found out that if we wouldn’t have gotten that one point deduction we would have gotten 1st Place! But deductions are deductions and there were other things we could have done to make up for those deductions like being louder and our spacing. BUT we still should have taken first for the simple fact that our entire routine was OVERALL better than the other routines. And it’s not just me who says that. We know the judge that does the critiques for the video and he said our routine was better than everyone than the others but we didn’t “Sell it”. That I sorta disagree with. Anyway here are the belly pictures!

So there are the 31 Week Pictures…Well 31 Weeks 3 Days!

Baby Shower on the Brain


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