Things I Miss Now That I’m all Knocked Up ;)

Dancing @ Parties/Clubs
I use to LOVE going out with B to the bars and such but now that I’m pregnant I haven’t gone once. 1) I wouldn’t feel comfortable and 2) In VA you can still smoke in bars so I REFUSE to infest my lungs!

OKAY so technically this isn’t the whole bun in the oven’s fault. I graduated in May and wasn’t planning on going to Grad school…well there were no definite plans. Now I’ll just have to wait a little longer to go but I’m okay with that. And technically as far as the second picture is concerned I can see the quad or lay out on the Quad whenever I want because well I live within walking distance AND from my kitchen window I can actually see the of the building pictured here (Wilson Hall). I guess it’s the whole not being a student thing that I miss!
Vodka and Cranberry with Lime…nough said!
 Being able to fall asleep/sleeping through the night! Something tells me I’ll be missing this for a VERY long time! Damn it!
I’m sure I can come up with more but these are the main ones! I couldn’t quite find a picture but I would also like to add being able to get a job without people looking at you and telling you that they’re “all filled” despite the “Now Hiring” sign on the door! I mean I’m pregnant not unable to do anything! JEEZ!
On a different note I’m determined to make those damn pumpkin muffins I’ve been writing about for weeks now! So I will let you know how it goes!
"Hey Dude"
Back in Action?


  1. Just Add Walter says

    oh goodness… I'll drink some vodka with cranberry and lime for ya…j/k!! cherish every moment you have being pregnant!!

  2. CGBG says

    Thanks I need it! I'm so torn part of me can't wait till he's here but I also know I'm going to miss the simplicity of him being in my tummy nice and close!

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