A couple of weeks ago I had my first sonogram. We got so many cute pictures of Baby Bean. However, there is one picture that I didn’t post…

See B and I have very different opinions about so many things when it concerns Bean. One of which was whether or not we would find out the sex. I wanted to wait. I figured it was more of a surprise that way. B however was very impatient and wanted to know immediately what we were having. I swear if he could have found out the day we conceived he would have!

At first I wanted to fight him to the end about it. And then the more I thought about it I figured I could have my cake and eat it too. We agreed that we would find out what we were having with this one and then if we had anymore children together we would make it a surprise. I figured I had other battles that I wanted to win so I would give him this one. When we went to the doctors appointment before the sonogram the doctor asked us if we wanted to find out. I said yes, although I was still hesitant.

After we told the Doctor we wanted to find out the appointment was pretty much over so while B went to the car and I was checking out I told the receptionist to please write in my chart that I didn’t want to find out. I told her you need to write in my chart (it’s all computerized and she had it right in front of her on the computer screen) to write that I was going to SAY I wanted to find out the sex but the doctor was to play along and then say that Baby Bean was being discreet. Problem solved. OR so I thought.

The day of the sonogram arrives and I’m laying on the table and the sonogram technician says to me us do you want to find out the sex of the baby? I think I’m playing along so I’m like YES! And the sonogram lady looks at me and says…”Are you Sure? Cause it says something on your chart about you not wanting to find out”. I almost died right then and there. I was too afraid to even look at B and when I finally did he was shooting me daggers! What was I suppose to do? Fight with him right then and there? NO! And plus a part of me wanted something like this to happen so I could find out! So I was annoyed for sure but I was also excited.

Way long story short is plenty of people thought that they had the right to decide if they wanted to be surprised or not. I may be wrong on this one but I don’t think they do. I shouldn’t and WON’T tiptoe around people who don’t want to know to make sure I don’t slip. I did it for 3 weeks and when I finally went home and saw my family I couldn’t hide it anymore. So I told my immediate family first then aunts, uncles and cousins. Some people still haven’t called me back so they may find out via this post. and well I’M NOT SORRY.

So here is that one fateful picture that I never posted.

In case the picture and writing didn’t give it away


and I couldn’t be more excited! See I had told B that we didn’t have to find out because I knew what it was (A BOY) and OF COURSE I was right! And for those of you who might be thinking mistakes have been made before…which is completely true because it happened to my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Joe and their first child (girl turned boy)…Yesterday at the other sonogram we had they confirmed the boy status and we could see EVERYTHING! B was thrilled of course!

So there it is B and I are having a Baby Boy and we couldn’t be more excited for his arrival. The only thing we’re not excited for is picking his name and the extra money we’re bound to spend now that we can go get cute clothes that are gender specific. We already got some great stuff for our little guy which I’ll post later!

<3 Me

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26 Weeks 3 Days


  1. Just Add Walter says

    clearly I am way too emotional for some reason today… but I totally just cried! haha! that is so exciting!! congrats!!!!

  2. DakerMom says

    Congratulations!! Isn't it even ten thousand times more exciting when you know if it's a boy or girl?! That's when all the shopping and decorating can begin!! Thank you for visiting and checking out the new pics! And baby boys are awesome!!!

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