Surprise Surprise!

Not much to say today other than I headed back to NY for some family time!

So for those of you who didn’t know I was coming…SURPRISE! I’m here!!!

Things are already crazy! I wasn’t in the door for two minutes when Luke threw a tantrum because Ava tried to steal his seat and his coloring book that B and I had just got him! He seems to love the coloring book though. Everytime my mother or I asked him to do something (i.e. get ready for bed) he would say “I’M WRITING”

He is so hilarious! And Ava is quite the little devil as well! She walks around like she owns the place and she kinda does! She’s got 6 teeth now instead of just the four so cute!

Luke seems to think that I’m having a boy.

Mom: “What’s in Christa’s belly?”
Luke: “A boy”
Mom: “I guess we’ll find out soon” (For the record she said it with resentment)
Luke: “There’s a boy in your belly too” (pointing to my mom’s stomach)
Me: There better not be I would die!!

The sad part is that it would actually be a possibility. But if someone ANYONE loves me up there that will not happen… EVER AGAIN! Seven is more than enough! Did I mention that my mom just proceeded to giggle when Luke said that too her…She thinks the most inappropriate things are funny.

Anyway speaking of my mother she made me a sandwich and is hollering that she wants to watch a show so I’m off…More to come on my many soon to be adventures in NY!

<3 Me

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