Still no internet…

So I still have no internet which absolutely stinks.

Dear Company that isn’t providing me with the service I need,

You should have sent someone out the second it wasn’t working. We both knew it wasn’t going to work after you ran your own tests and wasted another 24 hours. We’ve been through this before. And if you don’t fix my internet by Monday I can assure you I will never use you to connect to the internet again and I will NEVER BE ABLE TO HEAR YOU NOW on my cell phone either!

<3 Me

So since I have no internet I have been living at Wi Fi stations all across my city. Today I went to Barnes and Noble. I got there made sure my internet connection was working and went and got a coffee so I wouldn’t be using their internet for free an all and by the time I sat back down the internet was no longer working. So I decided to head over to campus.

It’s amazing what less than a year does. I loved JMU and still do BUT I know longer feel like a student and being pregnant does not help. Walking into the library was somewhat uncomfortable! I felt like EVERYONE knew I wasn’t a student here and I didn’t like that feeling at all…And in addition to that it was weird not to get the perks I’m used too. I.E. normally I could just use my e-id and password to sign in, this time I had to ask a friend who still goes here for hers so I could get on the internet. It seems small but can’t an alumni use your freaking free internet JMU?  I did pay MUCHO out of state of money to go here…Well I didn’t necessarily pay the bank back yet but THAT’S a whole different post!

Anyway I’m still having some serious withdrawals on not having access in my home to the internet and I’m super behind on commenting because I don’t like spending too many hours at the Wi Fi locations so I just read and run! Sorry! Hopefully I’ll be back in full swing on Monday between the hours of 8am and 7pm and YES that’s the time they gave me to be home in case the technician is able to come on Monday not Tuesday like they had originally suggested!

So until then….

Back in Action?
Yup, it's kicked in!


  1. CGBG says

    Thanks guys! I appreciate it! Glad to know I'm not the only one with computer problems and internet addictions!

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