So I’ve been MIA lately and sorry for that. Being in NY is absolutely crazy and I feel like I’m always doing something! My ENTIRE family basically lives within a half hour (MINUS Uncle Joe, Aunt Cindy and their kids) so there is always something to do and with the girls competition season in full swing things have been nuts!

Speaking of which I may have mentioned this earlier but the girls are on their way to Albany this weekend (and me FYI) for their second competition. This competition if they get the necessary scores/placement will qualify them for the Trenton, NJ competition. Then if they make it past Trenton they go to Disney in December! The girls already went once with their team two years ago and had an amazing time! The weather was perfect for them and the park was open one day just for all the cheerleaders! (THANKS DISNEY!!!)

Here are some pictures from the pep rally at the HS the day before their competition:

Me and Luke
Two seconds later…He’s big on pinching noses which hurts as it is but then when you factor in my nose ring it hurts even more!!!
Jule and Luke
This is Luke right after he used his head as a way to break my nose. So okay my nose wasn’t really broken but he did prompt me to cry and say son of a fcking bitch in front my of dad. Which then prompted my mental breakdown. It was hot and everyone was sitting on top of me! I.E. Luke was literally on my lap, which was fine. Then the BIG lady in front of my practically sat in between my legs! IT WAS HOT!
And here’s one of me and my Aunt Renee…She’s never actually in the photos (since she’s always the one behind the camera) so I ALWAYS try and snap a picture of her!
Here are some pictures from the actual competition!
My gorgeous mom with her Minnie Mouse bow!
Julia and her teamate Carly
Courtney and Ally
Jule and Carly again!
Cheerleaders, Cheerleaders and MORE Cheerleaders!
Ally and Marissa
Look at those BOWS! So Cute!
Me and My Mom, please ignore my awful bangs 🙁
I’m going to upload a video of the girls performance too! They did a great job and def deserve to move on!
A little late BUT...
Kids Say the Darndest Things!

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