Kids Say the Darndest Things!

I had to share this because I thought it was just the funniest thing ever!

My little brother Luke is only 3 and he’s very smart and talkative (when he wants to be of course). He always wants to see the Baby so he came over to me and insisted on lifting up my shirt (I think he thinks if my shirt is down he can’t find it ) to see the baby. So he lifts up my shirt and is kind of just smacking my tummy. Then he points to my belly button and says “that’s how the baby gets out” and I said HAHA not that hole buddy! That is way to small! So Luke being Luke tells me how it’s going to work see according to him Baby Bean is going to build a fire and burn the whole bigger then Baby Bean is going to “use my boobies to climb out”.

I kid you not. This was my brother’s idea for how Baby Bean is going to get out. At first I was just like hmmm FIRE that doesn’t sound pleasent but when he said “use your boobies to climb out” I almost died! Where does he learn these things? Not from me that’s for sure! He is absolutely hysterical and I can’t wait to hear more of what he thinks about my little adventure!

On a different note Ally and Julia had their Pep Rally for cheerleading tonight and they did awesome (as always of course). Tomorrow is the competition in Monroe, they’re not competiting against anyone but they did need to get a high score in order to move on which they should! Then it’s Albany on the 19th! It’s going to be a busy next two weeks! I’ll post pictures of them doing their routine and their adorable uniforms tomorrow! They’re getting so big! Send out some good luck vibes for them!

<3 Me

Surprise Surprise!

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