Happy Halloween!

Since I’ve still got a TON of time before my little man is dressing up for Halloween I thought I’d share some pictures of my OH SO CUTE siblings in their Halloween costumes!

This picture is sorta blurry but you can still see Luke’s infectious smile and the semi-full effect of the Scooby-Do Costume (Halloween 08′)
How cute is he!? (Halloween 08′)
(Halloween 08′) 
The head kept falling down and he was NOT a fan! (Halloween 08′)
“HELP ME” (Halloween 08′)
My Dad and Ava…In case you can’t tell it’s a Skunk costume and on the back it says “LiL Stinker” (Halloween 08′)
My sisters Ally and Julia and their friend Courtney dressed as Cheerleaders which I’m pretty sure doesn’t count as a costume since they are Cheerleaders! (Halloween 08′)
Ava again! this time you can see her tail! So cute! (Halloween 08′) This year she is being a witch which we thought was fitting 😉 Hopefully my Mom will send me those pictures so I can get them up here!
Luke as Ninja Turtle! My Mom has since revamped the costume! If you look closely the blue thing Julia tied around his head is one of my yoga bands lol! (Halloween 09′)
He’s getting SO big! and SO Cute! (Halloween 09′)
I looked through all my pictures and can’t quite figure out why I didn’t get any of Jake…Maybe he was already with friends by the time I whipped out the camera?! Maybe next year since I’m not in NY with them to celebrate!
Have a Happy and Safe Halloween Everyone!
<3 Me
I'm Really Sorry for this and I SWEAR we aren't all Obnoxious BUT...
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