Go BIG Red!

As you can see the girls did AWESOME! Also don’t mind me and the people around me singing to the music…especially when I/we mess up lol. According to my family I often don’t know the lyrics so I’ll just start mumbling. This sounds awful but Ally and Julia are mainly the girls in the middle…you can tell it’s Julia cause she’s soo small! and you can tell when it’s Ally in the air because she has sorta long legs and shes very tan! Also they do the Pike Toss. In the video you don’t see a sorta kinda major fall one of the lift groups had. But they had a pretty amazing recovery for the fall that it was and only missed one part of the stunt sequence*. The only thing these girls have left to do is clean up their routine and SELL IT! And if they can do that (by this weekend lol) they’re on their way to Disney NO PROBLEM. Too bad I probably won’t be able to go…Being all preggo with Bean and such.

*There’s lots of cheerleading jargon so if you need me to clear things up just let me know!

A little late BUT...
Kids Say the Darndest Things!

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