Giants vs Saints

So as we all know the Giants got their butts kicked by the Saints this weekend. Being a Giants fan this wasn’t a very good time for me. Especially since B is a HUGE Saints fan! So Sunday I cam back from NY rocking my super cute NFL Giants maternity shirt: 

And B bombards me with this:


Now, I know I’m a Giants fan BUT aren’t these just the cutest things you have ever seen?!?! Look at those booties! And onesie is adorable as well but B got it for him in 3-6 months so I’m pretty positive it’s not going to fit Bean until after football season and if he’s anything like my siblings he won’t be able to wear it until NEXT season but that’s okay! Now I just have to get some Giants stuff to counteract all this Saints stuff. The kid is gonna need some options Right?

Great Giveaway


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