Friend Making Mondays

I saw on Laugh Until You Cry “Friend Making Mondays” which is hosted by Amber at a.e. filkins and thought it would be fun to do. Feel free to join in!

This week’s topic is What are your hobbies? What do you wish that you knew how to do?


Taking Pictures

What I Wish I knew how to do!


Make better food that comes out amazing every time and has no fat or calories (haha)
Speak Spanish

I love to read, although I feel like lately the only thing I’ve been reading is blogs. I’m reading Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult but I’m having a really hard time finishing it. It just hasn’t grabbed my attention the way some of her other books have! Maybe I should read something else in the meantime…Any suggestions?

I’m constantly taking pictures, Seriously everyday!

Lately I’ve been into trying new recipes, this week I’m trying a couple that I’ve posted on here including Cheeseburger Pasta, Chicken Pot Pie and Chicken Tarragon. They’re all really simple but I figured they would be perfect for us. I’ll let you know how the recipes are since I posted them on here!

On Saturday I went and got this “I Taught Myself How to Crochet” book. Well needless to say I haven’t exactly taught myself anything yet. But there will be more on that later!

This weekend I also went to Micheal’s and saw the most adorable scrapbook that I wanted to get for Baby Bean. It was a little too expensive so I decided not to get it and got a couple of other things instead. I got a 40% off coupon at the register for Columbus Day Weekend so I’m going to get the scrapbook then and hopefully I can get into scrapbooking. I want to try and make one that documents my pregnancy and then eventually Baby Bean’s first year. We’ll see how it goes. I always have the perfect picture in my head but then when I actually go to put it on paper or write it down it falls apart. So we’ll see.

The last thing I wish I could do is speak Spanish. I wish I would have paid more attention in school or MADE my mother and grandmother teach me! I feel like it’s a skill I could really use right now. Who knows it’s never too late and I certainly want to make sure that Baby Bean can speak Spanish. Maybe I’ll make it a requirment that my mother and grandmother can ONLY speak Spanish to the baby.

<3 Me

Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice


  1. The Royal Family says

    my hubs would love it if i wanted to speak spanish… not sure why but he would.
    I would pick another language like japanese that's what I took in highschool

    The Buzz, Brandy

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