Balloon Boy

Okay I’m sure by now everyone has heard of Balloon Boy…I was def one of those people who followed the news pretty much the whole time poor little Falcon was missing! Now that we know Falcon wasn’t missing I still would like to refer to him as poor little Falcon because his parents are obviously nutso! Anyway as I’m sure a lot of you saw google reader has a new feature we’re it shows you things that other people liked and looking through it I found this and had to share! I thought it was hilarious! It’s a little hard to read but if you click on the image it’ll pop up bigger and easier to read!

By the way I made those Pumpkin Muffins that you can find here they were soooo good! I did change/improvise two pieces of the recipe 1) I didn’t have buckwheat flour so instead I used whole wheat flour, I’m SURE regular flour would have been just find as well 2) I added A LOT more cinnamon and a little bit more sugar than the recipe called for! They were yummy and filling! I cut them open and put a little butter on them and they were even better! B thinks I should make different muffins every week…and I just might do that!

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