Back in Action?

Why the question mark? Well first let me say that B’s dad lives next door to us and when our internet company couldn’t give us internet because “all the parking spots are filled in your area” I had this nifty idea to put my wireless router next door so that we could pick up the wireless signal. I may not have mentioned this before but our internet going out had something to do with one of B’s friends ramming his car into a telephone pole (don’t worry he’s fine!) so I’m assuming that the sudden power surge must have shorted out SOMETHING in my wireless router. Either way the old non-wireless router works so today I went next door to do some interneting (yes, I just made that word up) and had the idea to hook up my wireless router and the regular router via the Ethernet cables and like magic I now have wireless again…Let’s see how long this actually works! And Yes, I am a genius ; )

So here are those pictures I promised of the 27th week…and If I was being honest I would have to say it’s actually a 27 weeks and 3 days picture

Covered Up
This Friday I should be back on track as far as taking my pictures ON TIME and posting ON TIME! I promise…but don’t hold me to it 😉
Things I Miss Now That I'm all Knocked Up ;)
Still no internet...


  1. Priscila says

    thats so cool that you are taking picture. I only took a coulple when I was preg and my second pregnancy I just was so busy I didnt get that many. You are so cute preg!!! How exciting you will be having you little one in a couple months!
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