Baby Bean and Patterns

So before I knew that Bean was a boy I had picked out most of my stuff (i.e. play yard, bedding). Now that I know that Bean is a boy I decided to rethink all of my choices.

Here is the original bedding that I picked out…

I’m absolutely in love with it. I wanted a neutral bed set (keeping any future babies in mind). But now I wonder if it’s too girly…Any thoughts?
As for the play yard, car seat, and stroller this is what I had picked before we knew the sex. The actual pattern swatch (Birkshire) is the last one.

I think it’s a great neutral pattern. But I’m worried that the paisley pattern might be too girly. So I also looked at this pattern (Deco)
I like this pattern as well, I think it’s much more boyish. But I’m still having a hard time deciding which one I want. The strollers have similar features (although one comes as a travel system but the price is similar even when buying stroller and car seat separate) the Birkshire can hold up to 40 pounds and is lighter than the deco but the Deco can hold up to 50 pounds. I’m not sure if I should be worrying too much about the weight though.
  I keep going back to the Birkshire play yard…It’s just so nice looking but it also has a lot of ruffles…Maybe too many for a little boy? I don’t know I need HELP!!!
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  1. The Gardella's says

    I just found your blog through babbling abby! Congrats on the little man to come. I just had a little boy in August, and I must say he is the best!! I love the bedding. I think you can make it more boyish with paint color and accessories around the room. Also, I have the bouncer in Deco and I love it. However, word of advice on the travel system. Pretty but heavy! Most people end up buying a lighter stroller, and never using the Gracco travel system at all. Just a word of advice before you spend money on it. However, I like both patterns.

  2. Keith and Jamie says

    We have two (a boy and a girl) and we were kind of in the same boat…they share a room and it coould not be too gender dominant. We used the Birkshire pattern on their combo swing/bouncy seat. Great pattern for either B/G and it was a great pattern with gender neutral colors. Their room is neutral, with one dominant color (we chose red). All of their sheets are solid, gingham, patttern, using the same color. We have breathable 'bumper pads' and we did not even put those on until a leg actually poked through the bed rail. When babies are little they really don't move much…so we did not feel the need for all of the bedding…because most of it you cannot use.

    I am practical…an accountant and therfore tend to be frugal. So, here are my two cents for the travel system. 1)when a baby is sleeping you do not want to remove him from the car seat to the stroller (yes I know it sits on top to begin with)it is really just adding weight to something already heavy. 2)look at the time of year you will be delivering…is the weather temperature outside condusive to long walks? Would it be best to have the stroller frame so the car seat just locks in and off you go? 3)Play yard…we were given two and never used them. When the baby is having tummy time or when someone is not holding them we just used a quilt or blanket on the floor (they cannot walk away). we kept a basket with diaper changing necessities in the living room for those times when we did not want to go to the bedroom. Now, if you plan to use the play yard as a bassinet then it might be more practical for you. Ours just always slept in their room…I have a rocker/recliner in there for feedings…but with two me and the hubby would both get up and go to the living room for feedings.
    Ultimately…You are the mom and when those "mommy genes" kick in, you will do the best for your baby and that is all that is going to matter.

  3. Christina says

    Well, I like them both!! But I think the second one is more for a boy. But the first one is cute too though…if you liked it that much you could always do more blue or something on the walls!! I'm sure whatever you pick will look amazing!

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