Mason and Kyla Week 23

Mason and Kyla Week 23

I feel like the older my children get busier I get. Which I should have known. I think about all my Mom friends with older kids and I swear it's like 100% harder to plan a get together with them. But we still manage too! This week we spent a lot of times with friends! Thursday we had an all day Safari Party play date (details coming later this week), Friday we went to a fun Stella and Dot party … [Read More...]

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New Furniture Makes Me Happy.

For the last four years B and I have had a coffee table that used to be in my Abuelita's house. It has worked well and it's certainly served it's purpose but it's been falling apart for quite some time. And when I say falling apart I mean it literally. If you dared move it the wrong way it would come apart. Proof? This is what it looked like by the time I got it out the door. It was high … [Read More...]

Mason and Kyla Week 22

Mason and Kyla Week 22

The weather in Virginia has been all sorts of weird. It looks like it's about to rain about 70% of the time but doesn't typically rain until later in the evening and the weather has stayed consistently in the 70s low 80s almost the entire month. It makes pool days and setting up the water "bounce" house kinda pointless. Which stinks because it's AWESOME. Regardless we did set it up on Saturday … [Read More...]

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How Imaginative Is Your Kid? #StuntHunt

Disclosure: Thank you to Fruit Shoot for sponsoring today’s post all opinions are my own. A couple of months ago Mason came home with a Fruit Shoot and he was SO excited about it. But his Daddy said "Mason! I told you not to tell your mom". See we're not *huge* juice drinkers here. Don't get me wrong WE LOVE JUICE. But I'm not always a fan of all the extra ingredients that can be in juice. … [Read More...]

DIY Bug & Tick Repellant

DIY Tick & Bug Repellant

Not too long ago Kyla had her 16 month appointment. We went through all the basics and then my pediatrician started covering things like sunscreen and bug spray. She mentioned that because we have a high tick population that carries lime disease that we should be using DEET on the kids. I was shocked! DEET on the kids? No thank you. I expressed my concern and she told me that in this case … [Read More...]


Seafood Recipes

Surf, No Turf — 12 Seafood Recipes

In a little over a month we're packing our bags and heading to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. … [Read More...]


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Reliving Baseball Memories

A couple of months ago it was the opening weekend for Little Leauge. And this year for the first … [Read More...]


Safety 1st Advance SE 65 Air Giveaway

Safety 1st Advance DE 65 Air #Giveaway

Who wants to win a car seat? Let me guess?! YOU?! Check out the full review at Mom Mart to … [Read More...]

The Littles

Mason and Kyla Week 23

Mason and Kyla Week 23

I feel like the older my children get busier I get. Which I should have known. I think about all my … [Read More...]