Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken

Slow Cooker meals have been my saving grace lately. It’s just so easy to put them together, start them up and go about my day as usual. I always feel so much more accomplished about my day when I know that dinner will be ready when we’re ready to eat it! Not every night is a slower cooker night but I have seriously debated making every night a slow cooker night. Even now I’m sitting here typing up this post and wondering about what I’m going to do for dinner tonight. What time do I need to start to make sure it’s ready at a decent time?

slow cooker ranch chicken

Even “quick” meals take a long time around here. How can they not with three little ones under foot? Whenever a slow cooker meal is going I have so much more time to spend with my kids which is so important especially for Mason who is in school all day. Mason, man that boy is a picky eater but one thing he does love is any meal that has a sauce which most slow cooker meals do. You can see why slow cooker meals are pretty much always a win in my house. Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken has quickly become one of our staples.

My favorite slow cooker meals are those that require little to no prep and meals that don’t require me to make anything. That’s the perk of slow cooker meals right? Not having to “make” anything. Sure it’s no big deal to make some pasta or rice to go along with whatever you made but the easier the better. Slow cooker ranch chicken has carrots and potatoes as the sides so you’re able to just throw everything into the slow cooker at once. Alternatively you can make mashed potatoes and use the sauce as a gravy of sorts for your mashed potatoes.

This meal is so simple and takes less than 20 minutes to throw together. I used baby carrots which made my prep even easier.

slow cooker ranch chicken a


This meal was a huge hit with the kids which is always a win for me.

Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken

Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken


1.5lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts
6 medium red potatoes, diced
4 large carrots, diced
2 (1 oz.) packets dry ranch dressing mix
1 cup heavy whipping cream


  1. In a small bowl whisk together 1 cup heavy whipping cream and 2 1oz packets of dry ranch dressing.
  2. Dice 6 medium red potatoes and 4 large carrots, place on the bottom of your slow cooker.
  3. Arrange your chicken on top of your vegetables.
  4. Pour the ranch whipping cream mixture over the chicken and vegetables.
  5. Cook on high for 4-6 hours or low for 6-8 hours.


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CYBEX Gold Line Available at BuyBuyBaby

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Strollers, car seats and baby carriers are kind of my thing. If there is a stroller, car seat or baby carrier out there, I want to know about it. I want to get my hands on it, I want to try it out for myself. Luckily I’m in the position where I often get to see a lot of these amazing products in person and even try them out. Then I get to share my love with you all. CYBEX is one of those brands that I love to see. The design just screams top of the line. When it comes to luxury baby gear the CYBEX Gold Line is at the top of that list. The line includes the AGIS M-AIR3, ATON 2 & Base 2, ATON Q & Base 2 and the BALIOS M.

cybex gold line

The BALIOS M is a 3-in-1 travel system that can be used as a pram, with traditional stroller seat or with the infant carrier. The all terrain wheels make great for a smooth ride and on any surface. The AGIS M-AIR3 is ideal for city life, it has a one hand fold and is light weight making it perfect for when you have to take the train or the bus to your destination. If you’re in the market for an infant car seat the CYBEX Gold line has you covered. The ATON 2 is ultra lightweight, has an integrated foldaway canopy and a Linear Side-impact protection system. The ATON Q also has the Linear Side-ipmact protection system while also including an 8-position height adjustable headrest that automatically positions the harness correctly. Both of the infant car seats come with Base 2 where the release system is built in helping to make the actual car seat lighter.

Head to BuyBuyBaby for more information on the CYBEX Gold Line and other products that CYBEX has to offer.

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Don’t Forget to Say Thank You + Mo Mail Giveaway

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Disney-Hyperion as part of my Mo Willems ambassadorship with Disney-Hyperion.

Mason starting school was rough, not for him but for me, I still struggle with him not being home most days. I miss him! I miss that he doesn’t get to come on fun adventures with us.  I miss not knowing about every part of his day. I was anxious to know what he had done all day when he came home but more often than not he wasn’t interested in telling me right away, instead he needed time to unwind. It wasn’t long before I decided to start asking him some questions at night before we went to bed so I could learn a little more about his day.

What was your favorite part of the day?

What was your least favorite part of the day?

What is something you’re looking forward to tomorrow?

What are you grateful for?

At first he didn’t understand, what does grateful mean? So I explained it to him in words that he could easily understand. It means thank you. And what’s the point of having gratitude for those around you if you don’t share it by saying THANK YOU!  As with any other lesson I’m trying to teach the kiddos I love reading stories to them that relate to the overall message I’m trying to send to them. The Thank You book by Mo Wilems was that book this time around. The Thank You book is the last book in the Elephant and Piggie series.

Gerald is careful. Piggie is not.

Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can.

Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to.

Gerald and Piggie are best friends.

In The Thank You Book!, Piggie wants to thank EVERYONE. But Gerald is worried Piggie will forget someone . . . someone important.

We love getting new books, we love Mo Willems, we love Elephant and Piggies and we LOVE The Thank You Book.

We Love Elephant and Piggie

It was so fun for us to read through the book and see all the different people that Piggie was thanking. It was a great reminder to the kids that we need to be thankful for everyone in our lives including the ice cream man! We were able to drive that point home even more with the Thank-O-Rama spinner that we got along with our book.

Thank O Rama

We didn’t just get a Thank-O-Rama spinner! We also got some awesome speech bubbles where we could express who we were thankful for. When I asked Mason who he was thankful he quickly said “everyone”. Do you have someone you want to thank right away? Print out a grey or pink “I Will Thank” speech bubble like the one below, fill in your special someone and share on social media with the hashtag #ThankORama!

I will thank everyone

Mason has enjoyed the spinner and the “I Will Thank” bubble so much that he’s been enjoying spinning it and thinking of people in our lives who he can thank. Since he was so enthusiastic about the spinner I created a simple printable to help get your child engaged with all the people they can thank. Our goal is to find someone new to thank every single day for the next month but you can also choose to do it in just a couple of settings, I know for us we could fill up the entire page with just our family.

Thank You List

We’re keeping our list on the fridge so we can easily remember to add to it and so that we can look at it and remember how lucky we are that we have so many people in our lives that we can thank from the UPS man who delivers us fun packages to our favorite farmer at the Farmer’s Market who we buy sweet potatoes from.

Looking for more fun activities to go along with The Thank You Book? Visit

About Mo Willems

Mo Willems     Mo Willems (, a number one New York Times best-selling author and illustrator, has been awarded a Caldecott Honor on three occasions, for Don’t         Let  the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale, and Knuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken Identity. The celebrated Elephant & Piggie early-reader series             has been  awarded the Theodor Seuss Geisel Medal on two occasions (for There Is a Bird on Your Head! and Are You Ready to Play Outside?) as well as garnering five Geisel             Honors (for  We Are in a Book!, I Broke My Trunk!, Let’s Go for a Drive!, A Big Guy Took My Ball! and Waiting Is Not Easy!).






win the thank you book prize pack

We were so thankful to be a Mo Willems Ambassador and for the fun goodies that comes along with it! We were lucky enough to get an awesome kit filled with The Thank You Book goodies and we want you to get in on some of those goodies too. Enter below for the chance to win a copy of The Thank You Book,  Elephant & Piggie event kit & standee and 2 Elephant & Piggie t-shirts.

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In the Kitchen

slow cooker ranch chicken

Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken

Slow Cooker meals have been my saving grace lately. It's just so easy to put them together, start them up and go about my day as usual. I always feel so much more accomplished about my day when I know that dinner will be ready when we're ready to eat it! Not every night is a slower cooker night but ... read more