How to Make Habanero Powder

Our garden this year was a major fail. I’m not quite sure what happened but pretty much everything we attempted to grow pretty much did the opposite. The only thing that seemed to grow was our tomatoes but even they didn’t get a good crop. I had planned to do a lot of canning and garden related tasks this year and none of it panned out thanks to our poor yield. Luckily I was able to do something garden and homemaking related. thanks to a neighbor who dropped FULL bags at our door step. Making our own Chili and Habanero Powder.

How to Make Habanero Powder


Learning how to make habanero powder was something that we did last year. The flavor is outstanding but I have to warn you. If you’re going to make your own Habanero Powder from fresh habanero powders you’re going to need plastic gloves and something to cover your nose and mouth like a bandanna. These peppers are SUPER strong so it doesn’t always make them the easiest to work with but it’ll be worth it.

Start by removing the stems and slicing them in half. Then arrange them onto a tray in your dehydrator.  We got ours for $5 at a local thrift store. It’s one of our most favorite thrifty purchases! Alternatively if you don’t have a dehydrator you can use your oven on the lowest setting.

cut up habanero peppers

This is the longest part. It will take a decent amount of time to these completely dry. Time will vary depending on what method you’re using, your dehydrator and how many trays you have filled. We had ours filled to capacity so it took our last batch over 30 hours to be finished. Once they’re finished they’ll look small and shriveled up!

dehydrated habanero powders

Once they’re done transfer to your blender.  I recommend placing a damp paper towel or kitchen towel over the top to avoid the fine powder getting out. We use this BlendTec. Pulse until it’s become a consistency that you like. Since a little goes a long way I suggest getting it has fine as you can. This pictured below is a little coarser than the previous batch I did.

blended dyhrdated habanero


Pour the powder into a mason jar and seal. Make sure you label this, you don’t want anyone to mistake it for something else, even chili powder because it is much hotter.

how to make habanero powder


A little goes a long way to spice up your favorite dish so start small! This Habanero Powder would make a great addition to your spicy chili!

How to Make Habanero Powder


Habanero Chilis


  1. Cut off the stems of the habanero chilis and toss.
  2. Slice habanero chilis getting rid of any parts that seem to have molded (black seeds).
  3. Place habanero chilis in a single layer onto dehydrator trays.
  4. Dehydrate until all the water is completely gone and they are small and shriveled.
  5. Blend until a fine powder has been made.
  6. Store in a Mason jar for future use.
  7. Enjoy!

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How to Keep Your Budget on Track

Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for American Express Serve. I applied for the Serve Cash Back card to facilitate my review and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

For YEARS now I’ve been saying “I need to get on a budget”. It was true years ago and it’s true now. I need to get on a budget. For some reason it’s so hard for me to sit down and examine what income we’re bringing in, what my bills are and what I’m spending. I think a part of it is because my income fluctuates often due to the nature of my job(s). In reality the fact that my income fluctuates monthly is even more of a reason that I *need* to create a budget.

In the past I’ve tried a couple of different methods to track my income. I’ve used, google documents and pen & paper. After playing with all three I think I’ve discovered the key to creating an accurate budget that works for me especially with a new idea I have that I plan to implement in the upcoming month to try it out.

Ready for it??

I use ALL three PLUS I’ll be implementing the American Express Serve Cash Back by American Express. Here’s how to keep your budget on track especially if you have multiple income sources or a fluctuating income.

How to keep your budget on track

Mint allows me to put all of my bank accounts and credits cards in one spot so that I can not only easily track what I’m spending but also track what I’m taking in every single month. There are plenty of things out there that allow you to do this, I’ve just found that the Mint app is working best for me!

Google Documents

If your income fluctuates month to month the way that mine does you need something to track it. Since much of my work is online I use google sheets. I have tabs that track my income AND expenses (for later use) for my three income sources: this ole blog, Little Oils and my Doula work. Here is what my income sheet looks like (note the tabs at the bottom for each of my income sources).

income tracker sample

And here is my expenses sheet.

expenses tracker sample

This allows me to track my monthly income for each income source so I can have a projected income and what I actually received and track what payments are due to me.

Pen & Paper

I have a planner that I absolutely love and I use it every single day. I like using pen & paper so I also have a budget sheet that I use. This is why I chose to combine my three income sources so that I have a place to look where it’s altogether. There are so many adorable printable budgets out there and I encourage you to find the one that works best for you and your family!

American Express Serve Cash Back

Once I’ve officially established what my budget is I plan on putting my “Spending” money in one place. It will be the American Express Serve Cash Back reloadable card. Every month I will add the allotted budget for spending money to that card. Once the money is gone IT’S GONE and I have to wait until the following month to start spending again. Things that fall into this category *for me* are: Eating out, fun purchases for me or the kids and entertainment items (not including TV/Netflix).

What’s American Express Serve Cash Back?

American Express Serve Cash Back is a prepaid debit card by American Express. It’s the *first* prepaid debit card to offer CASH BACK. I thought that may grab your attention! You’ll get 1% cash back for every dollar you spend when shopping in store or online.

Getting your hands on a American Express Serve Cash Back is easy. Register on-line to get a prepaid card in the mail for free or you can purchase the card at a local retailer for up to $3.95. American Express Serve Cash Back is accepted virtually anywhere American Express is excepted. You’ll also get additional benefits and features like Purchase Protection.

Register for your American Express Serve Cash Back card here to get your budget back on track.

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23 & 24 Week #Pregnancy Update (YAY! V-Day)

Ever since I hit my pPROM milestone at 18 weeks I’ve been waiting for THESE weeks. 23 Weeks. The week that some hospitals will treat your baby as viable. And then of course 24 weeks the week that all hospitals will treat your baby as viable. For someone who’s water broke at 18 weeks this is HUGE. HUGE. I never want to rush my pregnancies. Ever. I love being pregnant. I love carrying life. But I want to keep that life and *for me* getting 24 makes it so that if my water broke again my baby would have a chance. Every day after that is a blessing. My baby has a chance! MY BABY MATTERS to more than just me, my family and friends. It feels good.

23 Weeks Collage


At about 10.5 to 11.8 inches and about 12.7 to 20.8 ounces, baby’s not just getting bigger, she’s getting even cuter. She’s forming little nipples (yeah, really!) Her face is fully formed now — she just needs a little extra fat to fill it out. She’s listening to your voice and your heartbeat — and even to loud sounds like cars honking and dogs barking.


23 Weeks



24 Weeks Collage


24 Weeks Baby4


Your 10.5-to-11.8-inch fetus weighs about 12.7 to 20.8 ounces and every week she gets closer and closer to being ready to survive (and thrive!) in the outside world. [Today marks the viability milestone, meaning your baby has a good chance of surviving even if she was born right this second]. Her see-through skin is gradually becoming more opaque and it’s got a new pink glow, thanks to the small capillaries that have recently formed.

I’m going to combine 23 & 24 weeks (see evidence of pregnancy brain)

How Far Along: 24 Weeks

Due Date: January 15th 2015

Boy or girl: Team Green!!

Currently craving: SALADS. I love salads. I could eat them three times a day!

Currently Avoiding: Not avoiding, just still not huge on meat.

Weight: Weight gain is holding steady at 6-7lbs thus far.

Belly button status: IN! This  sucker is never coming out.

Sleep grade: I  just need more of it. But I also need to just get to bed sooner. I don’t even want to tell you what time it is. You wouldn’t feel sorry for my tired pregnant butt!

Recent Crazy Dream: As I was working my way to 23 weeks I had a dream about my baby’s sex. I was driving in the car and I was in labor. B was with me as was a friend. As we were driving I gave birth. My friend took the baby after the baby was born and put it in the car seat. All of a sudden I was like “Oh HEY! What did we have?” and my friend said “A Boy”. I was like REALLY?! I could have sworn that we were having a girl. I was so shocked that I went ahead stopped the car, went to get my baby from the car seat, took the blankets off and sure enough VAGINA. I was like “I knew it”. My other pregnancy dream was similar in that it went from boy to girl. I’m not sure what this means. I usually dream the sex of my baby but these dreams are just darn right confusing.

The only thing I can think is that it is reflective of how I felt. At first I felt this baby was a boy. As time went on I was leaning more towards. Then I went to my ultrasound…

Evidence of pregnancy brain: I would have bet a lot of money that I only needed to plug in a picture for my 23 week update, searching my draft posts I realize that I never did this little quiz. I’m going with pregnancy brain combined with two births in about a 72 hour period right before I officially hit 23 weeks.

Symptoms?: Heartburn and being so darn exhausted after the births I attended. It felt like my body got hit by a train.

Health/Appointments: The births/lack of sleep left my immune system way low. I ended up getting sick and am still battling some crud. Mainly an ear infection. I’ve been using some natural remedies and the severe pain is gone but my ear is still clogged. Not cool.

At 22 weeks and a couple of days (so my 23rd week) I had two appointments, one with my midwife and one with my MFM. My cervix is still super long and closed (5.2) and they did a full blown anatomy scan where I got to see the baby! Here is a 3D picture.

22 weeks 3d ultrasound baby 4


I’ll be honest when I saw this picture I saw Mason and my first thought was “It’s a boy, this is a boy’s face”. I showed the ultrasound to B and he said “It’s a dude” so apparently we’re on the same page with that. BUT I’m still feeling conflicted.

Movement: Lots! This baby is especially active at night! B also got to feel this baby move for the first time on one of those active nights. Baby is bouncing around as I type!

Names: I started looking more into names but I’m feeling stumped for both male and female names. B seems to be stuck on this one boy name that I’m feeling so-so about for various reasons and I’m stuck on a boy name that he also feels so-so about. So like I said when I was pregnant with Kyla–We’re screwed!

Any baby related purchases? Yes! We bought baby his/her car seat. A Diono Radian RXT. It’s in Heather grey and should fit perfectly in the middle of Mason and Kyla’s Dionos.

Best thing to happen in the past week/ Worst: Best part was seeing my baby on the ultrasound and B feeling the baby kick. Worst part was just being pregnant and getting sick. It stinks to get sick. It stinks even more when you’re pregnant.

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In the Kitchen

How to Make Habanero Powder

How to Make Habanero Powder

Our garden this year was a major fail. I'm not quite sure what happened but pretty much everything we attempted to grow pretty much did the opposite. The only thing that seemed to grow was our tomatoes but even they didn't get a good crop. I had planned to do a lot of canning and garden related ... read more